Creating Bespoke experiences

About Moran Goldstein

In 2010, after graduating from law school and getting my master’s degree from Tel Aviv University, I joined the amazing world of event planning out of great love for the people, productions, rhythm, creativity and the ability to coordinate multiple functions with punctual timing.

Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and rich experience in producing dozens of events and projects – Corporate events, conferences, parties, business events, Product launching, private parties as well as movies premiere and hi exposure media events.

Each of the events I produce is structured and systematic – beginning with understanding client needs, concept design, event structuring, choosing the right the partners needed to carry out the project and all the way through to production, management and documentation of the perfect event.

My deep and personal involvement ensures that nothing gets overlooked, stemming from an action-based approach and culture cultivated over the years to strive for one hundred percent success.

"I believe that alongside the professional approach, and the drive for innovation and determination to succeed, it is the personal touch, attention to details, hands on management of every event and the personal care for every client that form the values I add to create the unique experience and services I provide."


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